F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Asked Questions)

These F.A.Q.'s are compiled for your convenience.
Q. What is Aqua-SPAWN™? What is SEASPAWN™?

A. Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ are a self-expanding, very low weight jelly-like hookbait - "realistic Synthetic spawn" (fish eggs).
Both products contain an embryo just like the real thing, and can be flavoured and coloured using a wide variety of water-based liquids such as our Pristex natural SAC juice™ ‘bait activator’ range.
Designed for the hook, hair-rigs, casting & pole, Aqua-SPAWN™ is suitable for targeting all coarse fish species including carp. SEASPAWN™ is a larger size designed for use in the sea from a boat, pier or rocks - anywhere around the world!

Q. How is the bait prepared?

A. Both Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ are supplied as tiny dehydrated particles which are easily ‘activated’ with fresh water and/or water-based flavouring causing them to swell to the desired size.
They are self-expanding and do not require a pump or vacuum to prepare, working by a natural process called osmosis (termed 'Osmotic Pre-Pred') that will immediately react in the presence of water and/or water-based flavours.

Q. Do fish really eat eggs?

A. Yes absolutely! Spawn is one of nature’s own high protein food items which fish have been gorging themselves on for millions of years.
Aqua-Spawn™ and SEASPAWN™ are perfectly legal and ethical alternatives - better than the real thing!

Q. What’s the shelf life for inactivated Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™?

A. 10+ Years!

Q. What is meant by Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ being reusable?

A. It’s true! If you don’t get to use them all, they can be dried out on tissue paper and allowed to shrink back to their original size. Simply reactivate again with more water/flavour to the required size.

Q. What makes Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ so good?

A. Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ are made from 100% natural ingredients containing only minerals and inorganic ingredients.

Many anglers fishing in the USA, Canada and elsewhere around the world often take real spawn at a great cost to the environment, whereas Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ are better for the environment and perfectly legal because no fish eggs are taken. Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ can be prepared and activated with hundreds of different flavours which make them target specific and self-expanding to a maximum of 15mm - 25mm.
Aside from the obvious ethical and environmental aspects of being able to use a synthetic spawn bait, the flavour intensity of Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ far exceeds that of ALL other baits, including natural spawn too!

Q. What size is best?

A. Aqua-SPAWN™ was originally developed for margin fishing in stillwater and 10-12mm was found to be of optimum size when targeting bream, tench and carp.
For fishing running water or casting a reasonable distance, 6-8mm can be hooked directly or fished on a hair.
Other methods and rigs have been developed which enables hooking and casting larger spawn at distance or when sea fishing with SEASPAWN™ in rough water.

Q. What rigs should I use?

A. The ROE-LOOP™ rig presents your spawn in a cluster on a hair in a loop around the hook and is very effective when targeting larger species like bream and carp etc.
The Sling-Shot™ rig uses a BaitCradle™ which helps with the inertia from casting.
Both rigs have been designed by Chris Wilson for spawn soft meat and cheese.

For SEASPAWN™ and larger Aqua-SPAWN™ it is recommended to wrap them in a spawn sacking material such as the Fox Armamesh.

Q. Are they novelty bait?

A. Inspired by nature, Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ look and feel just like the real thing and attract fish three different ways;
First by sight, as they’re the same shape and have the familiar embryo which fish recognise as food, but colour also plays its part with reds and yellows in shallow water and blue in deeper water seems to attract well.
Secondly, by scent and flavour which ensures they will want to eat it and;
Third by mouth feel, which is almost identical to real spawn, a favourite food item for many species.

Spawn is one of nature’s natural food items in the wild and anglers can exploit this feeding behaviour and use it to their own advantage.
Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ are probably better than the real thing because although they look the same as real spawn, they are in fact a synthetic (not rubber or plastic), and capable of holding up to 95% pure liquid flavour attractants which the fish will home in on.

Q. Are they better than boilies?

A. Boilies certainly have their place and are much more solid and robust withstanding the rigours of repeated casting. They also don’t swell too quickly in water and remain on the hair for longer periods.
Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ are less solid but unlike boilies, have a natural boyancy and a much greater fluid holding capacity capable of releasing up to 95% pure liquid flavour (holding 200-400 times their own weight in liquid). As such they are much more attractive and less dense in the water than boilies and are therefore easier to be picked up by the fish without rejection.
The problem of casting fragile baits such as spawn, soft meat and cheese has largely been overcome with spawn mesh material and the Sling-Shot™ rig, while a cluster presentation around the hook is achieved with the ROE-LOOP™ rig.

Q. What’s the difference between Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™?

A. Aqua-SPAWN™ is just a smaller version of SEASPAWN™ (self-expanding to around 15mm) designed especially for catching freshwater species, and SEASPAWN™ (self-expands up to 25mm) is designed for catching a wide variety of sea species. Both products can be used interchangeably by simply activating them with fresh water and/or different flavouring.

Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ are made to the exact same formula used for fishing with rod and line, anywhere around the world including tropics or sub-zero fishing environments.

Q. Can I use SEASPAWN™ in freshwater?

A. Sure, SEASPAWN™ is exactly the same as Aqua-SPAWN™ albeit a larger version and flavoured to your liking.

Q. Can I use Aqua-SPAWN™ in the sea?

A. Sure, Aqua-SPAWN™ is exactly the same as SEASPAWN™ albeit a smaller version and flavoured to your liking.

Q. What is the maximum size SEASPAWN™ will expand to?

A. 25-28mm depending on the amount of fresh water/flavour added.

Q. What is the maximum size Aqua-SPAWN™ will expand to?

A. 15-17mm depending on the amount of fresh water/flavour added.

Q. Why can’t I activate SEASPAWN™ with sea water?

A. Because sea water contains salt, it will prevent/retard activation.
Use water-based flavours such as our SAC™ juice "bait activator" and plain tap or lake water only.

Q. How can I prevent my spawn from flying off on the cast?

A. Here are a few different ways;

activate spawn to a smaller size so they are more firm,
cast gently underarm,
cast once only and leave for the fish to pick up,
wrap larger spawn in spawn sacking material such as Fox Armamesh,
cast spawn using the Sling-Shot™ rig,
use smaller hooks to prevent stress and splitting,
use the sPUNCH™ tool to prevent stress and splitting,
present several smaller bait as a cluster with the ROE-LOOP™ rig.

Remember that smaller spawn will expand in the water anyway, quickly releasing flavour (more slowly in sea water), so there really isn't any need to activate them to maximum size when casting!

Q. How much liquid should I add to the tub to activate?

A. A 200ml tub requires just 100ml liquid to activate the spawn to a size suitable for hooking. More liquid will cause the spawn to swell further and will tear easily when cast or when fishing in fast water/rough seas.
Spawn sacking material such as Fox Armamesh will help keep larger bait intact by wrapping the bait and securing it to the hook or hair.
The Sling-Shot™ rig has also been developed for gentle casting which incorporates the BaitCradle™ accessory and is designed to protect the spawn from the inertia of casting; it also reduces the stress on impact - simple but effective for most situations.

Q. Can the bait be passed through fish without doing any damage?

A. Its a common question to which the answer is YES.. they will pass through the fish without harm!

This question relates to the products remarkable ability to continue swelling in water while it releases its payload of flavour, essentially "swapping-out" flavour for the surrounding water, but assuredly the fishes digestive acid will halt and prevent swelling and/or cause rapid shrinkage of the product when eaten.
Both Aqua-SPAWN and SEASPAWN products are totally safe and will pass through the fish without harm.

Environmental information: Our synthetic SPAWN is resistant to degradation by most microorganisms, but is catalyzed by exposure to ultraviolet light in the presence of water which is accelerated by the addition of organic matter i.e. absorbed liquid additives/flavours and microbes already present in the lake/river/sea etc..
Although the product is designed to expand in neutral pH7 and higher pH environments such as those found in chalk streams pH7-pH8.4, lower acidic environments and excessive salt and saline solutions will always prevent or retard further expansion.

When preparing and activating SPAWN, we advise using ordinary tap, lake or stillwater with water-based liquid additives.

Q Where can I find more detailed technical info such as bait preparation etc?

A. SPAWN-Fishing.pdf (4.27mb) Illustrated practical guide to spawn fishing - tools, rigs, tips and tricks.

A. Aqua-SPAWN™ & the OSMOTIC Pre-Pred™ system - A brief technical overview
Aqua-SPAWN ™ is a 'synthetic spawn' bait - the most absorbent bait available on the market capable of holding 200-400 times its own weight in water/flavouring! How does it do that?

A. Glycerine additive (%) for bait freeze storage and sub-zero fishing temperatures
Data table for glycerine (glycerin or glycerol) base additive used as a natural antifreeze - enabling freezer storage of baits & fishing in sub-zero temperatures. Glycerine is a colorless, odorless, water soluble liquid, an ideal natural sweetener, antifreeze & preservative - highly recommended as a bait additive.