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Pristex sPUNCH™ - Makes bread punch, meat and cheese pellets!

sPUNCH(baiting tool)
More than a simple punch for bread- its also a baiting tool for hair-rigging and a core-punch plus an extruder that creates perfect 3mm sausage hookbaits from meat, cheese, firm fruits, nuts etc..

Especially suitable for bread (punches several slices at once), soft meat, cheese, firm fruits and prepared nuts - also works as a corer (core-punch) creating a neat hole in the bait for the hair!

The sPUNCH works great with the SPLITSTOP too, it's a unique system giving you the option to quickly bait up by threading the hair through the bait with the stop already attached - use with or without a hair loop or barbed needle - brilliant!

Priced £5.55 (comes with a free packet of SPLITSTOP's) Buy HERE buy now

sPUNCH toolsPUNCH toolVarious sPunched baits


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Aqua-SPAWN ™

about Product: Aqua-SPAWNAqua-SPAWN
The World's first "realistic Synthetic spawn"
Suitable for all coarse fish species including carp!
Natural or flavoured 4-15mm


about Product: CHUMGUMCHUMGUM ™ is an expanding paste that actually grows in the water. Simply mix stiff with any salt-free dry powder base for less mess and fast action.


about Product: PONDBONDPONDBOND ™ is a fantastic water based glue. A powerful bonding agent for binding groundbaits, powders and particles. Also great for making boilie shaped baits- without eggs or boiling!

Our Consultant: Alan Osborne



The SPLITSTOP™ - is here!
Adjustable - no-loop - hair-rigging!